“Lyssynup!” – CEE-ROCK ‘THE FURY’ Feat TIMID Produced by TWELVEBIT

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Produced by TWELVEBIT a.k.a. 12BIT

<From left to right: Timid, Nugget The Phantom, Cee-Rock “The Fury”>

Its 2009 and I think youd agree that the world could do with being uplifted, well listen up because we have that track right here! CEE-ROCK THE FURY and TIMID are here to carry you into the summer.

Now we need you to try and help us make this a worldwide anthem. This is for the DJ’s, the Cookouts, for Hip Hop, for YOU! Let’s get this up everywhere. It’s a celebration.

Produced by the talented beat-maker TWELVEBIT a.k.a 12BIT (Rawkus 50) and video directed by MR. DIZ a.k.a. SWIFTDIZZY


Check Timid on 12Bit's album

Get “Lyssynup!” on Stranded on Planet Rock by Lund, Sweden’s distributed by Rawkus Records!
[ iTunes | Amazon.com ]

Whose ahead of the game already?

CertifiedBanga.com – http://certifiedbanger.blogspot.com/2009/04/lyssynup-ft-timid-cee-rock-fury-video.html
Altrap.com – http://www.altrap.com/write/?p=1409
OneTwoOneTwo.com – http://www.onetwoonetwo.com/music-a-video/954-cee-rock-qthe-furyq-feat-timid-qlyssynupq
RockTheDub – http://www.rockthedub.com/2009/04/video-cee-rock-fury-ft-timid-lyssynup.html
Elbo.ws – http://elbo.ws/video/B6iTt9fHQ-E/
Truveo – http://de.truveo.com/LYSSYNUP-Cee-Rock-The-Fury-feat-Timid/id/2161163516
Paperblog – http://www.paperblog.fr/1874175/cee-rock-lyssynup-ft-timid/
UnitedMusic.ro – http://www.unitedmusic.ro/v_cee-rock–quot-the-fury-quot–feat-timid—-quot-lyssynup–quot–2643__3/

Who is going to be next to get with it?

What are the people saying???

“i think this is the first hip-hop track of the year that i don’t feel ashamed listening to.”

“This joint remind me of the golden days of hip hop!” – Onmugen, Japan

“keep elevatin mindssssss”

“Timid is the sexiest, freshest, epitome of the creation of man. My husband/boyfriend can’t compare!”  (You can’t prove it wasn’t said)

Where’s my YouTube people? Rate and comment up, Head Nod with us!

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