The Fam interview on Gee-O’s Podcast, 5/4

May 4, 2009 on 11:02 pm | In News, The Fam | No Comments

Pizon and Timid of The Fam chopped it up with Gee-O about the Family Business album, dropping June 2.  Highlights of the interview include Gee-O asking what’s expected on this album and Pizon responding, “No autotune!” and Timid explaining the significance of using different flows on every song.  The way the project was structured to have cohesion so that it wouldn’t sound like a mixtape or compilation was also addressed.

The interview starts 11:20 into the clip above.  It can also be downloaded in MP3 form.  To hear the entire episode as well as others, log onto  Don’t forget to subscribe to Gee-O’s Podcasts so that future episodes will automatically play on your iPod when they’re available.

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