Timid remixes Arcade Fire’s “Body Is A Cage”

August 6, 2009 on 5:28 am | In Timid | 1 Comment

Hip Hop artist Timid takes on Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire. “Body Is A Cage” was originally released on Arcade Fire’s critically acclaimed album Neon Bible. Timid produced the remix and vocal mixing was done by OnMu Productions out of Japan.

Timid vs Arcade Fire: Body Is A Cage

Lyric Excerpt
My body is a cage, restraining my soul to the physical
Preventing the spiritual from performing needed miracles
Trying not to be cynical but it’s difficult deal with
Seeing life’s ills and not being able to heal it
I’m caught in a cross between that and fallible human
Teamed with the palatable instincts of an animal looming
In a forced war for score with nobody winning or losing
Sinning or rebuking either way is it something I’m proving

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