The Fam releases new music video for Inferno

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The Fam – “Inferno”, off of the Family Business album, features Pizon and Timid breaking down the drudgery and monotony of societal expectations.

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Timid – Window Seat

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Timid Covers Erykah Badu's Window Seat

DOWNLOAD: Timid – Window Seat

Timid speaks on freedom from a position of confinement on the Erykah Badu joint Window Seat; with additional vocals by the lovely Vanae Tran.

Why do i want that window seat and not the aisle?
So i can sit here in denial that i’m not trapped in the trials
And tribulations of my encasement escape what i’m faced with
And replace it with all that out there amazement
To daydream of a scene far removed of the bonds
Of this seat that’s got me wrapped in it’s arms
In this body amongst the clouds but don’t feel the wind
Or the warmth from the light that fills within
Carried through the sky instead of being the one to fly
Just Along for the ride, spectate from the eye
If it’s moving me, really then who is moving me
Life days Scripted and played out like that of a movie
Served what’s on the menu but whose there to tend to
The real responsibility for the moves that men do?
You have to know there’s an out there to know what to look for
Or that you should look more then from the window to the door
So gimme that

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