Timid – Love The Way You Lie (Eminem f Rihanna) ISHBOT Remix

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Timid Doesn’t Love The Way You Lie

Timid remixes Eminem hit “Love The Way You Lie” expanding the idea of the original of relationship turmoil to the societal zeitgeist. Timid’s point is that we apparently, as the hook suggests, “Love the way you lie” and “Like the way it hurts” the way we continue actions that may satisfy us in the present while fooling ourselves that they aren’t ultimately working against ourselves.

DOWNLOAD: Timid-Love The Way You Lie (Eminem f. Rihanna) ISHBOT Remix

Lyric Excerpt
i can’t believe how indicative the words of the hook are
of the mentality of this modern culture of ours
personal attitudes, bended truths, deficient esteem loops
we’re causing the bruise while we’re singing the blues
we love the pain we inflict on ourselves, the place we dwell
and insist that this is the best we can sell
we claim to hate the fire but still stand in the flame
and instead of removing ourselves we just numb the pain
because we like the warmth and we’re moths to the glow
and as long as we don’t feel the burns we don’t wanna know
just gimme a fix, come on a few more hits
to take the edge off, I love kool aid on my lips
and who made the bed, i forgot we did
and we have to lay in it with the next generation of kids
pardon me is this hateration on how we live
is it a movie reel or is just as real as it gets

so the truth the truth the truth is on fire
we don’t need no water let it burn with our desires
ghost riding life on $2000 dollar tires
rents not paid but i can stunt like super dave
image of a hustler when we’re just the customer
you’ve become accustomed to the customs that customed ya
sheep in wolfs clothing as long as its name brand
shots pop  in the air who cares where the shells land
our country wants to compete be a leader globally
the education to succeed leaves me in debt eternally
more examples of cutting ourselves off at the knee
i’m all about being green just leave my SUV
ship jobs oversees for the greed of the company
while the concrete of the country crumbles underneath
we continue to mumble while the humble is over seen
where’s the foreseen promised inheritance of the meek
Obama gets blamed for what happened previously
8 years of apathy yea you deserve that cup of tea
government that we are supposed to oversee
is running we because american idol’s on tv
and don’t blame me that your children are obese
triple whopper’s reality and you just ordered three
in front of the stairway to heaven and I shake my head to see, you
just looking at it and you already starting to heavy breathe
I’ve got, Man in the Mirror in itunes on repeat
and Cube’s Us when i need to here it in lingo from the street
because mainstream seems to have forgot what we need
you breed ignorance to millions worldwide over beats
you don’t impress me by 30 reached by your charity
they may love the way you lie and you can deny your self deceit
but not to me i’m always one to question what i see
and obviously we’re learning the lessons that we teach

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