Timid’s “It’s That Time” featured at Ebony.com

February 7, 2013 on 6:44 pm | In Timid | No Comments

Timid featured at Ebony.com

Ebony chose “It’s That Time” as this week’s hottest music, alongside the lovely Kelly Rowland and crooner Avant

“When is it not that time to go get yours? Exactly. If you’re not working toward your goals, then you should be. That’s all Timid, Lin Que (of the legendary X-Clan), and Rachel Walker are trying to say. They just added dope lyrics and a horn driven hook (produced by Domingo) as the motivating factor.

Read more at EBONY http://www.ebony.com/photos/entertainment-culture/sonic-boom-the-weeks-hottest-music-444#ixzz2KEmiAX1Q

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