Timid, Edo G, and Jaysaun interviewed in Tokyo by Joey Slick

May 19, 2015 on 3:50 pm | In Timid | No Comments

J1 Japan’s Joey Slick talks to Boston Underground Hip-Hop legend Ed O.G., JAYSAUN and TIMID about their 2015 Japan tour. Shot at the J1 Japan Studio in Tokyo.

Produced by DARC.JP
for J1 Japan
with DigitalHub.jp

Japan Tour 2015 Recap – Edo G with Jaysaun • Timid • DJ Shark

May 19, 2015 on 3:42 pm | In Timid | No Comments

The Japan Tour 2015 with Edo G, Jaysaun, Timid, and DJ Shark hit five of the livest cities in Japan; Tokyo, Kanagawa, Nagoya, Osaka, and Kyoto. Check out the video recap and thank you to Japan.

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