Timid’s “It’s That Time” featured at Ebony.com

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Timid featured at Ebony.com

Ebony chose “It’s That Time” as this week’s hottest music, alongside the lovely Kelly Rowland and crooner Avant

“When is it not that time to go get yours? Exactly. If you’re not working toward your goals, then you should be. That’s all Timid, Lin Que (of the legendary X-Clan), and Rachel Walker are trying to say. They just added dope lyrics and a horn driven hook (produced by Domingo) as the motivating factor.

Read more at EBONY http://www.ebony.com/photos/entertainment-culture/sonic-boom-the-weeks-hottest-music-444#ixzz2KEmiAX1Q

Timid ft. Lin Que & Rachel Walker – It’s That Time (prod. by Domingo)

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Timid - It's That Time featuring Lin Que & Rachel Walker

In honor of Barack Obama’s Presidential Inauguration for his 2nd term, the world traveling emcee Timid plays off the inauguration’s official theme of ‘Faith in America’s Future’ with the Lin Que (of X-Clan) & Rachel Walker assisted single, “It’s That Time,” produced by the veteran beatsmith, Domingo. The single, which calls for us to move forward is now available through iTunes and all other major digital retailers.

Lyric Excerpt:
The field is open for true hoping of the masses
What’s real is the notion of success through a passion
A unity of you and me, a view of trees, and a sunset
Memories of slavery but we’re not done yet
We stood in wait for dawn to break and the sun to rise
Because the son don’t rise if the sun don’t rise..

Timid Shot and Directed music video N.Y.C. by Miss-art, Ah HUH, and Chii of CHARM

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From YouTube:

As the song titel “N.Y.C.”says we each sang about our feelings that we had until we started our lives in NY and the things we have realized after we got here.

The music video was filmed in NYC.

We have been doing music separately in Japan but we really became like a family after meeting here.

We hope you all will listen to our song


? Miss-art official web


? Ah HUH official Blog

? CHii of Charm channel


Written and performed by Miss-art, Ah HUH, and Chii of Charm
Music track by Dizzla D
Music Video Directed by Timid

Mikey D Tries Wakame (Seaweed)

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Queens Hip Hop icon Mikey D (LA. Posse and Main Sourcehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9finvVSX9cA) makes his first trip to Osaka, Japan in August 2011 for a live performance with Timid at Club Life. Timid and promoter Dope Daddy introduce him to the Japanese food Wakame (seaweed). Mikey D assumes it is similar to Greens and reaches for the hot sauce.

Check out the performance recap from Timid and Mikey D at Club Life in Osaka, Japan.

Timid & Mikey D at Club Life in Osaka Japan 08/2011 Footage

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Timid & Mikey D (Main Source/LA Posse)

Club Life in Osaka Japan 08/2011 Footage

Timid & Mikey D (Main Source/LA Posse) took to the stage at Club Life in Osaka, Japan in August 2011 to rock the crowd. The set included Timid’s “This Is The Way” single that features Edo G and Mikey D’s “What You Need” off of the F*ck What You Think album from his time as the front man for the iconic Hip Hop group Main Source.
Props to International Party Rockers (IPR), Dope Daddy, DJ Rob One, Wildelux, Club Life in Osaka and Blackan Radio among others.
View on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuWmG1iudVY
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“This Is The Way” a Top 10 National College Radio Single

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Rap Attack Lives

Timid’s “This Is The Way” featuring Edo G hit #8 this week on the Rap Attack Lives national Hip Hop college radio chart.

Thank you to the listeners and the DJ’s that are keeping this record alive and moving.

Timid & Dr. Larry Chiagouris on Our Lives in CT

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Timid & Dr. Larry Chiagouris speak with hostess Gwen Edwards on Our Lives regarding their project collaboration of Chiagouris‘ book The Secret To Getting A Job After College and Timid’s “I Want The Secret” song and music video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RI1hg9VZjSI).

The collaboration has gained national media coverage from USAToday in a recent article at http://www.usatoday.com/money/jobcenter/workplace/bruzzese/story/2011-11-30/learn-to-market-yourself-to-get-job/51482754/1

The single “I Want The Secret” is available online through all major digital retailers including:

iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/i-want-the-secret-single/id473519046
Amazon: http://amzn.to/tt7Qzr
Bandcamp: http://timid.bandcamp.com/track/i-want-the-secret

The book The Secret To Getting A Job After College is available through Brand New World Publishing and all major book retailers including:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/sfiffP

USAToday covers Timid’s “I Want The Secret”

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Timid partnered with Pace University professor and author Dr. Larry Chiagouris to utilize Hip Hop as a vehicle to help college graduates and job seekers. Timid wrote and produced the song “I Want The Secret” describing the current situation students face and, taking cues from Chiagouris’ book, providing tips to those looking for employment.

From the USAToday article Market yourself like a product to get employers’ attention“:

“For the past decade, Larry Chiagouris has watched college seniors troop into his office every spring at Pace University in New York, seeking his advice on how to get a job.

Because he was beginning to feel like a broken record repeating the same advice, Chiagouris says he decided to write a book called The Secret to Getting a Job After College (Brand New World Publishing, $14.99).

Still, he says he knew from his years of teaching that he needed something else to hammer the message home.

Enter “Timid.”

“Timid” is the rap name of Jaylon Carter. His video Inferno attracted Chiagouris’ attention, because he thought Carter was delivering a message that spoke to the fire-in-the-belly attitude students need to develop if they want to find a job.”

Timid’s single “I Want The Secret” is available through all major digital retailers including iTunes and Amazon and Bandcamp.

Lyrics Excerpt

The Truth Of The Matter Is The System Would Rather
Focus, On Tuition Patterns Than On What Comes After
The Former Over The Latter, It’s Like Taking Away The Ladder
How Do We Ascend To Begin Escape From Financial Captors?

The music video can be seen on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RI1hg9VZjSI

Mike Scala (Pizon) to Broadcast Congressional Campaign Announcement Online November 1st

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October 29, 2011

Queens son Mike Scala announced his campaign to seek the Democratic nomination to represent New York’s 6th district in Congress. Family and friends attended the announcement at Once Upon A Time in Jamaica, Queens. On Tuesday, November 1, 2011, the Scala for Congress campaign will broadcast that announcement online at Livestream.com/ScalaforCongress starting at 8 PM EST. Scala will be live in the accompanying chatroom for an open discussion until 9 PM EST.

Mike Scala’s campaign espouses the message that those on the ground level have better perspective than the establishment: “With over 8% of Americans unemployed, now is the time to demand stronger leadership. Strengthening essential programs on which everyday Americans rely, investing in our infrastructure, and improving our educational system must be prioritized over needless wars and tax spending on the wealthy. To put it simply, President Obama needs more support from his own party to enact the changes promised by his election.”

Official campaign site: http://www.ScalaforCongress.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Scala-for-Congress/177108979039188

Meet Mike
Mike Scala was born and raised in Rosedale, Queens. Mr. Scala graduated cum laude from Polytechnic University (now Polytechnic Institute of NYU), and is now in his final year of study at Brooklyn Law School. He has worked for the legal department of New York State United Teachers, where he helped defend educators facing discrimination. He additionally spent time at the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, which advocates for improving end of life care and is the largest nonprofit membership organization of its kind in the United States. During the 2008 presidential election, Mr. Scala worked with the Obama campaign to help college students vote early via in-person absentee ballot. Scala is a Hip Hop artist who has released music through the storied Rawkus Records. He recently founded the Solid Ground movement, which promotes governmental focus on everyday Americans and has garnered national support.

Please direct inquiries to Paul Rozenberg at 908-331-0641 or media@scalaforcongress.com.

Timid Rocks Wall Street at Occupy Wall Street Fundraiser

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Timid performed at Rock Wall Street, a legal funds fundraiser at Occupy Wall Street at Liberty Plaza (Zuccotti Park) in New York City, to raise money to help those arrested during the movement. The bi-weekly event in two performances has so far raised about $2000.


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